3 Types of Car Power Inverter

Car power inverters are built to perform AC / DC inverter functions. It’s easily connected to a cigarette lighter socket to provide a reliable resource when away from home. Inverters have a variety of sockets including a USB port to receive standard items of most standard electronic equipment. This means it’s possible to charge for power tools, game consoles, cell phones, or laptops while camping or something similar.

There are a wide range of car power inverter units with a choice of outlets. They can vary with the type and number of outlets, as well as the voltage that can be handled.

Here is an overview of the different types of car power inverter:


The most cost-effective option is a single outlet inverter. They are built with one 3-pronged outlet to receive one electronic item. Current capacity can vary between 150 watts and 200 watts. The useful benefits of this unit are its compact size, which makes it very easy to use and store. In addition, the ability to use only one device at a time means there is a low risk for system overloading. However, single-use options mean unlimited use and are not a practical option when some devices require charging. If need to fill some devices, inverter will be used in a long time, which can put pressure on vehicle battery.


The Multiple outlet inverters are a lot more expensive and larger than the single outlet units. Most are built to power two devices, although there are some that have up to three and include a higher wattage capacity. This type of inverter is great on a campsite when it is necessary to power a DVD player and television at the same time. When using the multiple outlet inverters it is essential to make sure the electronic items do not exceed the accepted capacity limit of the inverter. If it does go above the maximum limit the devices may not perform correctly or simply not work at all.


There are certain inverters that include one or more USB ports. This often happens along with a 3-branch outlet. Easy access to USB power is handy to charge various devices like tablet PCs, smart phones, or other gadgets supported via USB cable. Similar to some inverter outlets, it is important to avoid charging devices that exceed the maximum current rating